Turkcell 4.5 G Launch

While launching the 4.5G service provided by Turkcell, Turkey’s first mobile communication company, it is aimed to turn this great event into a feast environment where everyone will share, instead of making this event live only for a certain number of people gathered in a conference center, and with the content of the show, the fastest speed in the field. and we wanted to highlight its claim to be the most common service provider. For this purpose, on March 31, 2016, when 4.5G technology started to be provided in Turkey, we performed a mapping demonstration for 19 simultaneous building surfaces for the first time in Turkey.

As an experience that envelops the audience instead of a mapping show held in a single building, we provided the audience with a more visual experience than watching an advertisement, with animations made in accordance with the forms of the entire square on 19 buildings in Beyoğlu Tunnel Square.

For the first time technologically, a 360-degree mapping film was prepared on such a large surface and its show met with the consumer in Tünel Square for 3 days.

The event video received more than 1 million views on social media.

Customer: Turkcell

Year: 2016

Location: İstanbul, Beyoğlu

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