Turkcell 4.5 G Mini Burble Show

Turkcell 4.5 G Mini Burble Show In the Mini Burble Show, which we held for the first time in Turkey within the scope of Turkcell 4.5G Launch events, we had participants painted via tablet from 300 large balloons with sensors, LEDs and micro control mechanisms. When the balloons, which were flown connected to each other…

Turkcell 4.5G Anniversary Events

Turkcell 4.5G Anniversary Events On May 6-7 2017, a very enjoyfull event took place at Cevahir and İstinye Park shopping malls with thousands of participants. With a very special and never seen technique in Turkey, participants who danced with Emocans in front of a huge screen won lots of gifts. Customer: Turkcell Year: 2017 Location:…

Turkcell Gelibolu Marathon

Turkcell Gelibolu Marathon In the unique atmosphere of the Historical Gallipoli Peninsula, one of the most important thematic tracks in the world, we embraced the sports and spectator areas with Turkcell, the supporter of the athlete. Customer: Turkcell Year: 2018 Location: Çanakkale, Gelibolu Photo Gallery

Iphone 8 Launch

Iphone 8 Launch We celebrated the arrival of the iPhone 8 in Turkey at the Suadiye Turkcell store together with the consumers. We gave an iPhone 8 to one of the consumers who were waiting for it to go on sale at 24.00 at night. Customer: Turkcell Year: – Location: İstanbul Photo Gallery


Turkcell 4.5 G Launch While launching the 4.5G service provided by Turkcell, Turkey’s first mobile communication company, it is aimed to turn this great event into a feast environment where everyone will share, instead of making this event live only for a certain number of people gathered in a conference center, and with the content…