Paint Turkey Yellow

Paint Turkey Yellow In an effort to paint Turkey yellow, we met the sales team at PepsiCo warehouses to help promote Lipton Ice Tea’s new goals. Customer: PepsiCo Beverages Year: 2015 Location: Bursa, İzmir, Antalya, Adana, Ankara, Samsun ve İstanbul Photo Gallery

Pepsi Cem Yilmaz Stand Up Show

Pepsi Cem Yilmaz Stand Up Show In Istanbul, we hosted 117 fortunate Pepsi employees from 23 cities, ensuring they enjoyed a night replete with laughter thanks to an exclusive stand-up show by Cem Yılmaz at Mustafa Kemal Culture Center. Customer: PepsiCo Beverages Year: 2014 Location: İstanbul, Mustafa Kemal Kültür Merkezi Photo Gallery

Pepsi Pek Yakında Press Party

Pepsi Pek Yakında Press Party In connection with the film, we organised a private party for members of the press at Feriye Restaurant under the sponsorship of Pepsi. At the press party, where retrospective concepts and decorations dazzled, we hosted the entire cast of the movie and many celebrity guests. Customer: PepsiCo Beverages Year: 2015…

Pepsi Tasting Tests 2018

Pepsi Tasting Tests 2018 We toured the summer resorts of Turkey, starting from Istanbul, with the Tasting Tests we held for the third time this year. In our event, where tens of thousands of people participated in the taste test, the participants had a pleasant time in our area. Customer: PepsiCo Beverages Year: 2015 Location:…