Top N Go

Top N Go We met a flavor they drink with Top N Go, the new variety of Doritos. For 2 months, we visited camp camps, festivals and stadiums with trucks we specially designed for Doritos, and brought them together with people who were inadequate. Customer: Top N Go Year: 2018 Location: İstanbul Photo gallery

Doritos Risk 2.0 University Roadshow

Doritos Risk 2.0 University Roadshow This special roadshow for the new Doritos Risk 2.0 took place between 8 April and 6 May 2017 in 10 provinces and universities. Fun images emerged at the event, where participants were given specially edited games and special gifts. Customer: Doritos Year: 2019 Location: İstanbul Photo Gallery

Doritos Risk 2.0 Masked Party

Doritos Risk 2.0 Masked Party The new Doritos Risk 2.0 was introduced with a masked party attended by special guests. The entertainment was at its peak again on this special night, where the guests who attended the night increased the entertainment once more with different special masks. Customer: Doritos Year: 2017 Location: İstanbul Photo Gallery